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Yes, after a rather extended hiatus punctuated by illness, apathy and too much ‘proper’ work, Press Start Online is risen, like a phoenix from the proverbial flames of oblivion – here once again to provide regular gaming related scribblings for your delectation and delight.

We’ll be updating every weekday, with the occasional weekend post chucked in for good measure. And that’s a promise this time. We won’t be your typical reviews/previews/gossip blog: instead we’ll be dissecting the news and bringing you our genuine opinion on the current state of the gaming nation. We’ll write thought-provoking features and interesting reviews that aren’t simply seven-page checklists of a game’s features with several paragraphs listing what each button does. And – if one of us can figure out how to set it all up – we may even bring you a PSO podcast in the not-too-distant. That’s the hope, anyway.

We’re currently still decked out in our faintly musty WordPress clobber, but we’re looking into purchasing some brand new duds so we’ll look a little smarter (and smell a little less funky) in the near future.

We hope you enjoy the new site, and feel free to bookmark us and tell your mates if you like what you read. After all, the more of you we see regularly on here, the more we’ll want to impress the hell out of you.


The Press Start Online editorial team.

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