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Not-so-Sensible Soccer December 19, 2007

Posted by Mike in Games, News.

Gremlins is an undeniably brilliantly evil Xmas film.  Unfortunately it seems that those pesky little monsters have made their way into the Xbox Live Arcade machine today, as the most heavily anticipated game to appear on the service all year (the perenially delayed Sensible World of Soccer) has fallen victim to some gremlins of its own.  Having been finally released, it was taken down from the service only a couple of hours later due to extreme problems with the game’s online mode.  Problem: you couldn’t access the online mode.  Indeed, the game immediately signed you out of Xbox Live as soon as you loaded it up.  Whoops.

Just before he collected his P45, a Microsoft spokesperson had this to say on the matter: “It has come to our attention that an incorrect version of Sensible World of Soccer was made available on Xbox LIVE® Arcade for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft® which has since been taken down. This version incorrectly disconnected users that attempted to connect to Xbox LIVE.

We are currently investigating the issue and will have a correctly functioning version of Sensible World of Soccer available soon.

Any users that have already downloaded Sensible World of Soccer will need to delete their copy of the game and download it again when the correctly functioning version is available in order to enjoy online play via Xbox LIVE. Following this process does not incur any additional charges.

Please look out for the fully functional version of Sensible World of Soccer soon. We thank you for your patience.”

It’s amazing how problems continue to dog SWOS like disgruntled Welshmen at a Leon Jackson gig.

Now that the gestalt entity known as Press Start has returned from its hiatus, expect a review of the updated Sensible World of Soccer some time after the Microsoft monkeys learn how to press the right upload button.  (Don’t feed them after midnight, kids.)



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