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Press Start’s Top 5 Games of 2007 December 29, 2007

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Ho ho - of course we're kidding 

Here we go then. The five games we feel to be the very best that 2007 had to offer. Agree? Disagree? Feel fairly indifferent about the whole thing? We’d love to hear from you – so please feel free to use the comments box below, and let us know what we shamefully missed from our top twenty-one. (more…)


Press Start’s Top 20 Games Of The Year (part two) December 26, 2007

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Seven more categories, seven more winners. Well, sort of – you’ll see. This marks the rest of the fifteen (again, sort of) that didn’t quite make our Top Five Of 2007 list. Soon, you’ll see which titles we loved the mostest over the last twelve months, and then you’ll finally get to express disgust at the lack of Uncharted, or The Darkness, or Link’s Crossbow Training. Maybe. (more…)

Press Start’s Top 20 Games Of The Year (part one) December 25, 2007

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Game Of The Year lists. Let’s be honest, despite our carping about the impossibility or unfairness inherent in ranking games in a given order, we can’t get enough of them. Rather than just present a basic Top 20, we’ve decided to do things a little differently. Only a little, mind you. After an argument or three, one threat of fisticuffs, and a ludicrously lengthy discussion of whether we should include God Hand, given that the two of us who love it played it last year (answer: no, but we’ll be running a retrospective piece sometime soon) we came up with twenty games which we feel are worthy of recognition in some way. We’ve finally decided upon a top five which, in our eyes, represent the creme de la creme of this quite amazing year of videogaming – that will be announced at some point between now and the end of the year. And we’ve picked out fifteen awards for the rest, some of which will be revealed tonight, and some tomorrow. For now, read on for our thoughts on eight of the year’s very best – and please let us know in the comments section what you think of our choices. (more…)

Tonight, I’m a rock ‘n’ roll star December 23, 2007

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It doesn't look amazing, but to play it is to love it

A word of warning: if you play Rock Band, you’ll never want to go back to Guitar Hero. Up until now, Activision’s game has ruled the peripheral-dependent rhythm action roost. But no more; original GH devs Harmonix have upped the stakes so significantly that their old series is very definitely playing catch-up. (more…)

TAKEDOWN! Alex Ward responds to Burnout Paradise criticism December 23, 2007

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I like Alex Ward, I really do. The Burnout series has been an ever-present in my software collection, the unmatched driftathon of Burnout 2 segueing into the exciting carnage of Burnout 3 and the polished chaos of Burnout Revenge. Each new game brings something different to the table, and although the EA effect of Criterion’s buyout led to such hilarity as the “tips” screens (“Have you tried… boost?”), the extremely ill-advised DJ Dickwad (was that his name? It should have been) and the adolescent frat-boy licensed soundtrack of the third game, the series continued to maintain its freshness through multiple incarnations.

You know there’s a “but”, right? I’d hate to disappoint you guys, so here it is. Actually, I’ll let Alex Ward tell you himself. Here’s his Christmas Message to all those people who played the Burnout Paradise demo and had worries about it:


The Criterion Ambassador’s receptions are known for their host’s exquisite rantings. Oh Monsieur Ward, wiz zese insults you are really spoiling uz!

All respect to Ward for passionately believing in his game – we know more than a few producers who don’t, and often for good reason – but his arguments are chock full of flaws. Set the analysis machine to stun… (more…)

Can’t stop (addicted to the shindig…or, rather, Rock Band) December 22, 2007

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Today was going to see a brief ‘initial impressions’ piece about Rock Band on the PS3, but unfortunately I’ve spent most of the evening playing the damn thing instead of writing about it. I’m about forty songs into the Career Mode on guitar, and I’ve played a few odd songs on the drums. Basically: it’s amazing. The peripherals are of surprisingly sturdy quality, given the price (the equivalent of around eighty British pounds), with the drumkit being the biggest gaming peripheral I’ve ever had the pleasure of plonking down in the middle of my front room. And with a brilliant selection of songs, far better note placement than Guitar Hero III, and better atmosphere all round – crowd singing equals instant goosebumps – the guitar section alone is better than Activision’s effort.

Expect more detailed info tomorrow night. I’ll just finish by saying that this is easily the best PS3 game of the year. 

Ho ho ho! December 21, 2007

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It being the season of goodwill to all men – and women too; we’re terribly PC like that, you know – we’ve decided to give all our (twelve) readers a treat, and keep the site more regular than an incontinent geriatric on a prune juice drip.

You’ll be wanting to keep your web browser pointed in our direction over the next few days, as we’ll have a veritable smorgasbord of content for your delectation and delight, to help you through the festive period of too-many-games-and-not-enough-time-to-play-em. Keep reading to find out what’s in store for you lucky lot… (more…)

Guitar Villain December 20, 2007

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Ever heard the old saying, “Power corrupts”?  Of course you have, and unfortunately the latest example is gaming giant Activision, which is still resisting calls from consumers asking them to allow Guitar Hero 3 controllers to be made compatible with the PS3 version of EA’s Rock Band game.

Harmonix – the developers of Rock Band – has developed a patch to allow this compatibility, but Activision quickly spat out their dummy and point-blank refused to allow it to be uploaded. (more…)

REVIEW: No More Heroes December 20, 2007

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Who needs a Star Wars lightsaber game on Wii any more?

If a game’s quality can be measured by how often it makes you smile, then No More Heroes is a superb piece of software. Which is a good job, because by most other critical standards, it’s pretty average. Technically it’s all over the place, with dodgy collision detection, horrendous draw-in and an iffy frame-rate detracting from its stylish, over-saturated visuals, while HDTV owners will witness jaggies aplenty. The game’s combat can get repetitive too, while the menial tasks that take up roughly a third of your game time involve some odd jobs that recall the tedium of Shenmue’s infamous box-carrying chores. And yet, somehow, these problems seem to melt away – while you’re playing, at least.


Not-so-Sensible Soccer December 19, 2007

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Gremlins is an undeniably brilliantly evil Xmas film.  Unfortunately it seems that those pesky little monsters have made their way into the Xbox Live Arcade machine today, as the most heavily anticipated game to appear on the service all year (the perenially delayed Sensible World of Soccer) has fallen victim to some gremlins of its own.  Having been finally released, it was taken down from the service only a couple of hours later due to extreme problems with the game’s online mode.  Problem: you couldn’t access the online mode.  Indeed, the game immediately signed you out of Xbox Live as soon as you loaded it up.  Whoops.

Just before he collected his P45, a Microsoft spokesperson had this to say on the matter: “It has come to our attention that an incorrect version of Sensible World of Soccer was made available on Xbox LIVE® Arcade for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft® which has since been taken down. This version incorrectly disconnected users that attempted to connect to Xbox LIVE.

We are currently investigating the issue and will have a correctly functioning version of Sensible World of Soccer available soon.

Any users that have already downloaded Sensible World of Soccer will need to delete their copy of the game and download it again when the correctly functioning version is available in order to enjoy online play via Xbox LIVE. Following this process does not incur any additional charges.

Please look out for the fully functional version of Sensible World of Soccer soon. We thank you for your patience.”

It’s amazing how problems continue to dog SWOS like disgruntled Welshmen at a Leon Jackson gig.

Now that the gestalt entity known as Press Start has returned from its hiatus, expect a review of the updated Sensible World of Soccer some time after the Microsoft monkeys learn how to press the right upload button.  (Don’t feed them after midnight, kids.)