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FIRST IMPRESSIONS: FIFA 08 Live Update November 9, 2007

Posted by Mike in Articles, Console, Games.

Last night I reported that the FIFA 08 update was live (for both 360 and PS3), and that it added the new 5 vs 5 mode, entitled Be A Pro: Online Team Play. Catchy moniker, eh? So, how does the update fare?

First of all, it’s clear that the new mode is a toe in the water towards the ultimate future of online footie games: a world where there will be a series of clans (read: teams) among friends that will participate in online leagues and tournaments against other online clans, while single player is consigned to the dusty wardrobe shelf marked “old hat” forever.

But it is just a toe in the water, since only one-off matches are possible, with the game dumping you back to the start-up arena as soon as full time (plus extra time and penalties in the event of a draw) is reached – which means that you can’t have a quick rematch. There’s also no league functionality for the new mode, meaning that it’s restricted solely to individual matches. When you factor in that a match takes longer to set up than usual, due to having to co-ordinate 10 people getting into an online lobby, the lack of a restart option is frustrating.

What’s it like on the pitch, though? With a good team prepared to keep to their positions rather than ball-hang, it’s pretty bloody marvellous. The netcode’s very solid – which is essential with so many players online at once – and the potential for what Partridge would describe as “liquid football” is obvious, with scoring as a team proving to be even more satisfying than banging in an individual effort in the old modes.

There is a slight problem, though, and that’s the AI for the 5 remaining outfield players on your team, which is pretty awful. They will regularly misplace passes, or not pass, or not track back, or not tackle onrushing attackers, generally making life as difficult as possible for you. The answer, therefore, is to ensure that human players form the spine of your team. Two defenders, two midfielders and one attacker seems to work best, as it enables your team to keep the ball away from the AI for the majority of the time.

A solid first effort then, and you get the feeling that BAP:OTP is going to come into its own in next year’s version, but quite aside from the fact that it already seems churlish to decry EA for being “lazy” when they’ve added this mode after the game’s launch, the main game has also seen a few nips and tucks. The biggest change is in the responsiveness of the controls, which allows for quicker penetration through defences and increases the scope for using the skill moves at the correct time. Along with improvements in the framerate for cutscenes and a general speed-up for the gameplay, this part of the update could well prove to be just as important as the new online mode.

While Konami is having problems with making a 1 vs 1 mode work properly online, EA has delivered 5 vs 5 footie on a console for the first time, while further enhancing the bread-and-butter gameplay in the other modes. While FIFA arguably scraped a victory in the first half of this year’s match with PES, it’s completely run away with it at the opening of the second, with a better core game and an online mode that’s streets ahead of its rival.

A word of advice to fish restaurateurs: if anyone from EA turns up at your establishment, lock the doors. They’re only there to mutilate the Seabass.



1. lisa - November 16, 2007

This game is the worst fifa ever, They made promises changes and they never delivered, BUGS BUGS AND MORE BUGS,

Fifa will never see my money again, my players are even more stupid then 07, i run at the attacker head on and when my players gets closer he changes direction, as usual when i change player to try and intercept the attacker he stops or slows down like he’s trying to give the attacker a chance to pass him then he starts to run.(PATHETIC!!!)

I passed the ball to my goalie and he kcked the ball behind himself so the normal thing to do would be to pick it up but NO!! my goalie just starts falling over catching thin air, if this was a break dancing game that would be ok but it’s NOT it’s fifas poor imitation of football, If the ball is free any normal player or even a pub team player would run not jog after the ball like he’s on a sunday stroll, What goalie in their right mind would wait for a ball tofall off the crossbar then slap it into their own goal? Not ONE i support Asresnal and not even Lehman would be that stupid, Why the hell is it that when you pick a player he won’t move till the computer decides which is too late or you are trying to defend and the player seems to be running towards the player, (the closest player to the attecker i might add) stops and runs off like he’s late for a dinner lunch or something,

And whats all this juggling RUBBISH the player has to touch the ball atleast twice before getting rid of it by that time the opposition has takent the ball from u and is on his way to your goal, the through ball is PATHETIC why when u through ball to the only player infront does you player just kick the ball infront of himself, and why is it when u try and clear the ball saely by passing in the direction you have selceted does he pass to the player that has someone markinbg him or always passes to the nearst player, which is absolute suicide If i went through every fualt with this game i would be hear till the 25th of december,

If i owned fifa and my devlopers delievered this game to me, they wouldn’t know what hit them on the way out the door, Incopidence is too polite a word Fifa 08 is a rip off to all you people out there that haven’t brought the game yet? DON’T!!!! Fair trading should get invovled it’s not a game every move is decided by the game not you, I will never know this but Fifa 09 is going to be a rip off too, This company lies through its teath just to get money, with the amount of faults on it there is no way they can find a patch big enough to fix half of them, All fifa care about is money, NOT the satisfaction of the customer, The game is PATHETIC and i would shed any tears if they went bankcrupt, theyneed to be put out of business. Buy PES graphihcs arnt as good but the game play is 100,000,000 times better than Fifa(SPIT!) I can’tbelieve it! I acully had one good thing to say about fifa, GRAPHICS but what is Graphics when u arnt allowed to protect yourself against a goal, I have played cheap games as low as 5 uk sterling and the game play on that is better than Fifa 08 Rip off merchants,

The goverment need to level their buildings take every single penny they have made buy an island and put them all on it with no food, Preferably near the south pole.

FIFA 08 RIP OFFS!!!!!!!!!!

2. amen - November 18, 2007

Fifa should burn in hell Dirty idiots have no i idea about football or football game, The amount of complaints i have seen about this poxy game are in the access of 100, putting them on an island wouldn’t be good enough, Line the idiots up and shoot the lot of them

3. MK - January 11, 2008

every one has there own opinion

4. shams - March 6, 2008

i like that

5. 123elmstreet - June 14, 2008

who are the top ten best defenders that can be transfered

6. 123elmstreet - June 14, 2008

fifa 08 is gr8 and i think amen should burn in hell cos they could never make anythin as good

7. 123elmstreet - June 14, 2008


8. TK Merkah - October 27, 2008

fifa tuff but stick 2 pro if ur swaggggg sum plp r swag lyk kosmic

9. kosmic - October 27, 2008

TK merkah is shit

10. sylvester - February 1, 2009

help me to update the players in my fifa08. please.thanks…

11. TK MERKAH - February 4, 2009

kOsMik is a fat watseman fifa is too easy neway i beat some guy who had liverpool wid derby, chelsea with watford and all this was on xbox live

12. mikeypiky - October 22, 2009

I’m addicted to fifa at the moment! Great post..

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