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NPD no more November 6, 2007

Posted by Mike in News.

Bad news is reaching us from the other side of the pond (that’s the United States of America, geography fans) that the monthly NPD figures – which are argued over, dissected, and generally provide useful analysis of the current trends in the videogames market – are to be severely restricted from the October 2007 figures onwards.

No longer will we be receiving monthly hardware sales figures.  We’ll only get details of the top five in software sales, as opposed to the top ten.  More detailed figures will emerge quarterly and annually, but for now it seems that the official information is to be severely curtailed, and instead the arguments will centre on which leaked numbers can be trusted.  Expect sales figures debates to become even more heated as a result… there’s nothing like a group of forum-goers who don’t like the figures in front of them and will use any excuse to discredit them.

From my point of view, this news is immensely disappointing, and I hope that the NPD Group rescinds this decision as soon as possible.  Having detailed official sales information available in the public domain was an invaluable tool for those who enjoyed following the market.  I can’t help but feel that its loss will make the quality of debate across the Web nose-dive, and that’s a real shame.



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