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Timeshift – More time manipulation for fun, but no profit November 4, 2007

Posted by Jevan Moss in Articles, Console, Games, PC.

Two more levels in, and I’ve gone from fighting in the street, through close quarters indoor combat and an ill-advised turret sequence, to a vehicular assisted trip across a snowy mountain range. Sabre certainly know how to vary their environments!

It’s still proving to be as entertaining as ever, but so far it’s never really managed to raise itself above the games that inspired it. Those mountains are no Highway 17, that’s for sure! The bar has simply been raised too high in recent weeks for Timeshift to stand out any more, which is a real shame really. Had it been released just a couple of months ago, it would have probably sold quite well. Heck, it could even have spawned a sequel, and it would have deserved it. At this point in time however, its time manipulation gimmick is just too little too late.

It is fun though, so keep an eye on those bargain bins.



1. writeitoutplease - November 5, 2007

Yeah…….after playing the demo, I was impressed…….with the demo. I kind of figured the time-warping gimmick would run out. I agree that it’s not entirely the game’s fault, though. Their timing was off, and I think the public is a bit tired of being beat over the head with all these first-person shooters. Halo, Call of Duty 4, The Orange Box, BioShock……eck!

2. Jevan - November 5, 2007

It’s insane isn’t it? It’s got to the point where I’m seriously considdering giving CoD4 a miss for now, purely because I’ve hardly played anything other than great FPSes since Halo 3 came out!

3. writeitoutplease - November 5, 2007

Same here. I just look forward to Guitar Hero 3.

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