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Sensible Soccer XBLA – Codies aiming for November release November 2, 2007

Posted by Mike in Console, Games, News.

Rejoice, retro footie fans! Sensible Soccer looks like it’ll be finally appearing in an Xbox Live Arcade menu near you before the end of November. This is according to Jim Brown of Codemasters Online Gaming, who spoke to Eurogamer in an interview published today. Apparently the delay has been due to problems with the network code for online matches, which Codies have completely junked once and are now tweaking to perfection.

While the long delay has been very frustrating, it’s good to see that the Live mode is getting a lot of attention. Too many XBLA games have frightfully laggy netcode (as anyone playing the slow-mo fests of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade or Track and Field will attest to), so any release that can do better is a very good thing, particularly when it’s something as insanely good in multiplayer as Sensi.

Expect childhood memories to be rekindled sometime towards the end of this month, further delays permitting. With both PES and FIFA not quite approaching greatness this year (FIFA is the better of the two for the first time ever, as far as I’m concerned), could a game that’s more than a decade old show the giants up?



1. Rob - November 2, 2007

November? Of which year?

No, good to see there’s a bit of progress on the release date front. Can’t wait. *nods*

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