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New model PS2 set for New Year November 2, 2007

Posted by Mike in Console, News.

The PS2 is a lovely machine that has served us all well for many years, and despite the release of the PS3 it looks like its time is not yet over. Having outsold its younger, more expensive brother for the majority of months since the newer console’s launch, could a proposed cheaper model send sales into the stratosphere once more?

MCV has revealed today that a new PS2 due for release in the New Year will have an internal power supply, just like the first incarnation of the machine – the PStwo’s was external – and will drop in price to below the psychologically important $100 barrier in the US: probably $99, from its present level of $129.

If released in the UK as expected, we could see the price dropping as low as £75 – although as usual that scarcely reflects the current exchange rate. My advice would be for Sony to aim at as aggressive a price point as possible over here. If they can get it down to somewhere around its equivalent US price, then a PS2 becomes an impulse buy, and it could completely reinvigorate the “last gen” market.

Irony of ironies, it could be Sony’s warhorse that saves its bacon. For while PS3 sales have yet to show a prolonged marked upturn compared to the competition, PS2 is an easy banker that never fails to perform.



1. Chris - November 2, 2007

Interesting stuff – PS2 consistently outsells PS3 in the US, though it’s not quite the same over here, and PS3 is starting to move ahead in Japan. Not convinced that this will help the PS3 any – could do it more harm than good. Though perhaps it’s also a sneaky way of ensuring another year of Wii shovelware, as people port PS2 games with added ‘innovative motion controls’ (read: remote-shaking nonsense). Then Sony can point out how many Wii games are rubbish, and how the PS3 doesn’t have any of this crap. Except for Lair, obviously.

2. Mike - November 2, 2007

Now now, Chris. You’re just rubbish at Lair, it’s got nothing to do with the game itself. As the reviewer’s guide and new print adverts will tell you.

3. Hugo - November 3, 2007

I disagree. This will win next gen.

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