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Battleships Forever – Warning Forever Tactics November 2, 2007

Posted by Rob in Games, PC.

Today I’ve been playing Battleships Forever. It’s a space-based RTS by Sean Chan and although it’s still in its beta phase, it’s very good indeed.


As you may have ascertained from the name, Battleships Forever has been inspired by Hikoza Ohkubo’s freeware classic Warning Forever. Aside from the wireframe graphics, there’s a few similarities between Chan and Okhubo’s games – for example, each ship is split up into a number of different sections, which can be destroyed individually, making the positioning of your crafts vitally important. If one of your ships is susceptible to attacks from the rear and has a slow turning circle, you’ll want to make sure some of your smaller, quicker crafts are across to cover it if any enemies jump into that area.

There are a few clever, unique touches in Battleships too. For example, one of your larger crafts has access to a “Flux Shield”, which allows you to create a forcefield of any shape by right-clicking and dragging it to where you want it to go.

I’ve played through the first four missions of the Career mode, but there’s also a Skirmish mode, a Sandbox mode and an intriguing Ship Maker, where – unsurprisingly – you’re able to create your own crafts with all sorts of different abilities. You can then upload your efforts to the game’s website.

Battleships Forever can be downloaded, for free, from here.

If you’ve never played Warning Forever, then I recommend you try that out too – click here.



1. Chris - November 3, 2007

Nice one, Rob. Not sure I’ll have time to try this over the hectic next couple of weeks. But I’ll have a go when things calm down.

Better than WF, would you say? That was an excellent shmup, especially for a freeware title.

2. Rob - November 3, 2007

I wouldn’t go that far. A large part of Warning’s genius was the way that the enemy crafts adapted themselves to your tactics, and it would be good if Battleships could incorporate this in some way – for example, having the enemies adapt themselves from mission to mission. But either way, it’s an excellent homage.

3. chris k - March 15, 2008

I think it’s better than Warning Forever definately.

I wrote a review of battleships forever also.


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