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Second Impressions: Super Mario Galaxy November 1, 2007

Posted by Chris in Articles, Console, Games.

Just some more brief observations – I’ll try and be as non-spoilery as possible.

1. I’m on 30 stars now. I’ve not been able to tear my eyes away from the screen.

2. The music on Gusty Garden Galaxy (and indeed the level itself) is unbelievably good.

3. The comet idea (you’ll see) is inspired. It sounds cheap to revisit levels, but they play very differently with these slight changes.

4. The motion-controls are amazing. Even though quite a lot of them simply involve shaking the remote.

5. You spend a fair amount of time on some stages controlling the environment rather than Mario. It feels…odd. Like the fourth wall has been broken, somehow. It works brilliantly, but it’s a bit weird still.

6. The variety is incredible. I’ve not played two levels the same, even when I’ve returned to the same galaxy with the same start point.

7. There’s genuinely something new in every level. EVERY level.

8. Swimming is a bit tricky, and is the only time when I’ve had tiny camera issues. Might just be getting used to the controls for that, but still…

I really am nitpicking here, though.

9. How does Nintendo top this? It’s hard to see where Mario can go from here, unless the series gets a total reboot.

10. Make that 33 stars. Cannot. Stop. Playing.

Hopefully I’ll have a review up over the weekend, or early next week. Keep an eye out for that – I promise it’ll be worth your while.



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